Learn the basics of music in a fun and musical way, by singing!

You are guided by your digital song coach Noty, who gives you feedback on what you do, on your level, from the very first steps and all the way through!

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In Notysing you learn to sing from written music in interactive lessons. Along the way you will pick up knowledge in note names, scales, keys, rhythm, music theory and much more.

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Notysing is developed by music teachers and researchers in an ongoing research project involving The Royal College of Music in Stockholm and Doremir Music Research.

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The app has been tested in music education of junior high and high school, but can of course be used by anyone who can read, regardless of age or music knowledge.

This is just fantastic!

Music teacher, grade 7-9

The app is a great tool to learn notation, so that the students can practice at home

Music teacher educator

I want to try this on all my 7-9

Music teacher, grade 7-9

It is fun and good they made an app to teach you notes, rhythm etc

Student grade 7

It recognized so well, and was fun to understand, and that you already after Level 1 had sung a song. That makes you motivated!

Student grade 9

Pedagogical Model

The pedagogical model, created together with the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, starts with note names (“C D E”), and proceeds to use scale degree numbers (“1 2 3”). This was worked out to be the easiest way to understand scales without having to learn specific new vocabulary, and instead focus on the singing. The app then teaches key signatures and rhythm, enabling the user to sing real songs from notation!

Upcoming lessons will move on to teach solfège (“Do Re Mi”), but with scale degree numbers being very intuitive, the app can already be used in parallel to solfège based learning.

Dashboard for Teachers

Music teachers, choir and band leaders can use Notysing with your students and track their progress through the Notysing Dashboard.

Notysing performs best as a complement to teacher-led music education. With Notysing, your students can meet the goals of the curriculum regarding music literacy, music notation and the understanding of how music can be represented and organized. Each student has their own development path so you can give relevant feedback and get a basis for grading.