The Notysing app has lessons you can try for free, no account needed. The rest of the content can be unlocked by upgrading your account.

Upgrading Personal Account

A single payment unlocks all courses and lessons for your Notysing account forever.

Upgrade your account from inside the app with a single in-app purchase of $3.99.

Open the app on iOS or Android, or log in to your Notysing account on to upgrade from your computer.

Upgrading Schools & Groups

The Notysing for Education plan is a cheap and easy way to give your students access to the interactive music lessons in Notysing.

Upgrading your account through the dashboard will unlock all lessons in the app for you and all users in your dashboard groups.

  • $2.99 per user / year

When upgrading you choose the number of user seats to upgrade each. After that you can add or remove students and teachers in your dashboard groups as you like.

When you remove a user from your groups, that seat becomes available for another user, and you can change the number of upgraded seats when needed.

You can for example import one group of students, and when that group graduates, just remove the group from the dashboard to free up seats for a new class.